After years of flying coast to coast my lower back was messed up. Dr. Wilson took care of the back pain and keeps me pain free with regular maintenance adjustments. I had also developed terrible eating habits on the road. Dr. Schwaderer guided me to a healthier diet with juicing, herbal teas and B12 shots. After 6 weeks I have lost almost 20 pounds and no longer have to take antihistamines or antacid medication. It has also controlled my blood sugar and I don’t get crazy hunger cravings anymore. If you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and feel better – this team can help you achieve your goals.


If you have chronic pain like me, then I suggest you give Symmetry a try. I’ve been going to chiropractic for many years and I have to say that Dr. Wilson definitely is my favorite. He is very personable and helpful. You can’t help but feel comfortable and know you’re in good hands with him. He also on different occasions gets me in for an appointment on very such notice when I’m hurting. Symmetry also has a doctor that specializes in natural medicine and herbs. I got my first B 12 shot today. She was really nice and knowledgeable and will definitely be adding the shots to my chiropractic visits too.


Dr. Mick Wilson is incredible. In addition to being an exceptional chiropractor, and genuinely good human being, he also provides functional tips on healthier living, stretches that alleviated some of my symptoms, and generally pleasant conversation. On several occasions, Dr. Wilson has been able to immediately alleviate chronic symptoms, and as a result of a more thorough series of manipulations, the discomfort stays away for longer. Mick, and Symmetry Health, are definitely critical parts of my personal health & wellness program, and my life is measurably improved for having incorporated them into my routine.


I have suffered for many years from back & neck pain caused by car accidents. I have been to Physical Therapy and numerous chiropractors, but Mick is different. He takes a lot of time to explain what he’s adjusting and why it will help. Some days, I have been to see him my neck pain and tension is really bad, so he has taken extra time to massage the muscles, an extra bonus! My husband & I are very glad we found Mick & would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat!


When it comes to instant relief from neck and upper back pain I highly recommend Dr Wilson. He really cares and knows his stuff. Many times I call and he somehow fits me in that day. Highly recommend his natural way of healing and pain relief.


I got a B-12 shot at Symmetry Health – office was clean and modern and both docs came out to meet me and ask about current health issues. I will be back to pursue the Naturopathic remedies with Dr. Danielle Schwaderer, whom I found t to be very caring and supportive. Great to have them in the neighborhood!


Dr. Mick is AMAZING. From our first time with him several years back to date, he has been attentive, compassionate, thorough, and incredibly good at his job. Each time I have seen him, he not only listens well but has been so helpful. He adjusted me through both my pregnancies and now sees both me and my husband (we hope to get our little girls in soon as well!). He is prompt with his communication, always gets me in when I need it and is worth every penny. I recommend him to everyone who asks and would recommend him to absolutely anyone in need.

Hannah B

Dr Mick is the best! He was recommended to me when I was moving from Chicago to San Diego. He helped me go from not being able to do one push-up to paddle-boarding, joining a gym and becoming fit again! I highly recommend!

Eric S

Dr. Mick is thee Best around. Have been to several different chiropractors and he far exceeds all other experiences by far.
He takes a very holistic approach to your wellness needs not just a stack and crack type session. Highly recommend! Do yourself a favor and book an appt.

Joe G

Symmetry Health and Chiropractic is fantastic! I don’t need services regularly, just adjustments now and then and Dr. Mick has always been very accommodating with last minute requests for appointments. He is very thorough making sure he understands your needs, makes useful recommendations, and is very personable and warm. His office is in a great location and very clean and comfortable. He is always on time. Additionally, he doesn’t push his services on you and try to get you into routine visits if it’s not needed, which many chiros I have visited in the past have tried to do. Very pleased with this office and will be back!”He takes a very holistic approach to your wellness needs not just a stack and crack type session. Highly recommend! Do yourself a favor and book an appt.

Aimee L

Dr. Mick is awesome! He’s attentive to each customer and develops a unique bond with everyone who comes through the door. He provides excellent service, is always welcoming, creates a safe environment, and I feel amazing after each adjustment.

Cassandra C

Great guy! Mick is melding me back together after a motorcycle accident and helped me with a non bias attorney referral as well. He is truly here to help and good human.

Jason R
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